Kalkan Green Lake - Kalkan Turkey 01

Green Lake is a great outing for those interested in walking in the pastures of the Taurus Mountain highlands and learning about the semi-nomadic way of life that dominates the peaks all summer-long.  The brilliant Green Lake is 6,500 ft above sea level and a pilgrimage center to which people come from every corner of the country to drink its sacred healing water.  Semi-nomads live in tents near the lake with their flocks and are very hospitable to visitors.  These people represent the long history of the Turkish people who migrated from central Asia.

The lake is formed by the melting snow which stays on top of the mountains until early August.  It offers spectacular shots for photographers and is a cool place to visit in the summer.  The area of Green Lake overlooks a stunning valley once traveled through by Alexander the Great and his troops on his Persian campaign.

Green Lake is also located very near the sacred “Flying Waterfall”.  Like Green Lake, the water here is considered holy and people come from all over to drink its curative waters.  It is believed to have been given to people as a gift by the founder of a nearby dervish monastery.

Green Lake is situated near the semi-nomadic town of Gömbe where nomads sell their products at a lively local market.  Gömbe’s mosque also makes an interesting visit.