Activities Near Kalkan, Sightseeing and Places of Interest

There are many land activities for those who want to explore the beautiful area around Kalkan. Tours run from Kalkan every day or you can hire your own car. The nearby towns of Fethiye, Kaş and Patara also make good day trips and are easy to reach by bus or dolmus. Here are a few ideas:

Visiting Cities of Ancient Lycia


Kalkan is known for its proximity to a great number of ancient Lycian sites.These make excellent day trips and many Kalkan tour agencies run trips to them or hire your own car. Around twenty major sites remain today with a vast amount of unusual funerary architecture (for which Lycia is famous) dotting the mountains and valleys surrounding Kalkan. Distances from Kalkan range from less than half an hour to about two hours driving.

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Mountain Excursions Near Kalkan

Saklikent Gorge

Saklikent Gorge
The longest canyon in Turkey – gorgeous.

Green Lake
Emerald-green with mountain nomads living on its shores, high in the Taurus Mountains.

A very old traditional Ottoman town in the Taurus mountain highlands, site of ancient and prehistoric settlements.  See Turkish life much like it was 100 years ago.

Other Activities Near Kalkan

Exploring village life – witness the traditional daily life in Turkish villages.  Bezirgan is a lovely mountain valley village 17 km from Kalkan, or you can visit villages further inland.

village children

Turkish baths (Hamam)

 Experience this wonderfully relaxing way of becoming very, very clean in an ancient style.  There are a few Kalkan hotel hamams open to non-resident guests (Rhapsody, Asfiya, Pirat, Regency), or head over to Fethiye for a bath in a traditional building.

Mountain Trout Farm Restaurants

View from IslamlarAnother enjoyable thing to do during the day (or evening) is to visit a trout farm restaurant nestled in the mountains near kalkan. Locals have made good use of the abundance of water pringing from the earth and the result is delicious! Besides the excellent food, beautiful setting and views, a visit to these restaurants gives a welcome respite from the summer coastal heat.The cost of a meal is also less than the cost of a Kalkan marina restaurant.

There are several of these restaurants in Islamlar village, about 8 kilometres from Kalkan. Here you can dine in the open air overlooking a mountain valley with a spectacular view to the sea while enjoying your excellent meal of fresh trout (a full menu of other dishes is available as well).  These restaurants are also open in the evening.

Another excellent troutfarm is located near the Lycian site of Tlos and a visit here can be combined with a visit to the site as well as nearby Saklikent Gorge.  It is a welcoming oasis hidden in the forest and cooled by refreshing breezes from the valley below, beautifully lansdcaped with trees providing a canopy of shade and pools of running water.  Many different choices of dishes are available here as well.

Tandem Paragliding

Paragliding over Kas, near Kalkan

Fun (and safe) tandem paragliding near Kas makes for spectacular viewing over the mountains and harbour.  This activity can be booked from Kalkan tour agencies and includes a transfer to and from Kas.  Or you can catch the dolmus to the Kas and find a tour agent there.