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Some terrific links about Turkey’s history, culture and more

Kalkan Info:

The Kalkan Association (Kalkander) – For a Better Kalkan: www.kalkander.org

The ‘Enjoy Kalkan’ website and forum: www.enjoykalkan.com

Kalkan and Environs in 360 Degree Photos

Kalkan News

General Turkey Info:

Turkey on the Web: A Cultural Warehouse www.columbia.edu/~sss31/Turkiye/

Republic of Turkey www.turkey.org

Republic of Turkey, Ministry of Culture www.kultur.gov.tr

Republic of Turkey, Ministry of Tourism www.turizm.gov.tr

Republic of Turkey, Ministry of Foreign Affairs www.mfa.gov.tr

Turkish dance – belly dance, folk dances, dervishes

 Learning Turkish:

An excellent website – Turkish Language for English Speakers: www.turkishlanguage.co.uk

A fun and humourous approach to learning Turkish.  Also funny Turkish stories and jokes and great articles about Turkish culture and current events: Learning Practical Turkish

A History of Turkish Cuisine – Includes Delicious Recipies: www.epicureantable.com/turkish.htm