Rapsody Hotel Well-Being Centre

Rapsody Hotel Well-Being Centre

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The Rapsody Hotel’s Well-being Centre welcomes non-resident guests.  We have a Turkish bath (hamam), sauna and massage room.

The use of the hamam and sauna includes a traditional wash and soap massage for £15 per person.  Guests staying at our hotel have free use of the hamam and sauna, but a wash and soap massage is an extra £10 per person.

Traditional Oil Massages:
General massage (head, back and legs) 20 min. £15     Back and head 15 min. £10     Back and legs 15 min. £10     Aromatherapy 42 min. £20     Taner’s Special Massage 60 min. £30


Please phone us for a reservation at 844. 25 75.